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Welcome to Yowie Coffee!

Owner/Roaster Greg Dunphy established Yowie Coffee in 2005 providing fresh roasted coffee to both locals and the weary traveller alike from his roadside kiosk. Demand has since grown and Yowie Coffee is now available for everyone to enjoy at home or as a great gift idea.

Bronze medal winner  Milk based drink in the 2011-2012 Golden Bean

Silver medal winner for Espresso single origin in the 2012 -2013 Golden Bean.

Bronze Medal winner for Espresso Single origin in Sydney Royal Fine Food 2013.

Bronze Medal winner for Cappuccino International style in Sydney Royal Fine Food 2013.

I select premium Arabica beans from Central and South America, Indonesia, and Ethiopia. We offer two blended and several Single Origins (seasonal availability) and roast at least three days a week to ensure that the coffee you buy is at its optimum freshness.
Yowie’s Woodcutter’s blend best suited to espresso and Yowie Blend for Plunger, stovetop and filter etc. But you can be the judge on that, I like them both anyway it’s served.
Try before you buy at our kiosk in Yowie Park, Kilcoy, a one hour fifteen minutes (approximate) scenic country drive North west of Brisbane by idyllic Fred Greensill Lake. Home of the famous Yowie Statue.
Kiosk open Thursday 7.30 am -2.00 pm Friday 7.30 am -2.00 pm
Saturday 7.30 am -1.30pm Sunday 7.30 am – 1.30pm (call 0400 540 015 to verify as trading days can change due to other events.)

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The Story of the Kilcoy Yowie

The Yowie is a mysterious creature believed by many to dwell in the shires rugged northern terrain. It has been legendary throughout the shire for many years with longtime residents, farmers and wood-cutters claiming to have seen it on several occasions. In 1979 after one such sighting, footprints were found and plaster casts taken. It was after the sighting at Sandy Creek 4km from Kilcoy, the Council commissioned a statue made of birch wood. Vandals attacked the statue several times removing his male appendage. The statue has been replaced recently with a more modest version. It can be seen in Yowie Park in kilcoy.

Unlike the “Yowie” Good Coffee need not be hard to find



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